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Beatrice - Removal Tool

Beatrice - Removal Tool

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Meet Beatrice, our removal tool. Beatrice has been created with a perfectly contoured edge to sit flush against the nail plate and is handcrafted to British Standards with our unique titanium coating ensuring optimum hygiene.

A key asset for beauty professionals, Beatrice has been expertly designed for the removal of both gel and acrylic products, and works impeccably during pre-manicure or pedicure. Beatrice’s perfectly angled edges assure a flawless removal of product, preventing scratches or damage to the nail plate. It is truly the ultimate tool for any nail care procedure.

Additional Information

Beatrice is similar to a traditional nail tool however she should not be used in the same way, she is blunt and will not remove dead skin from the nail plate as she is designed to remove the product only.

Hold your Beatrice the same way that you would hold a pencil, keep your grip light but firm, and always ensure that you practice before using on a client so that you are familiar with the tool. Place the edge of the tool flat against the product and gently, with almost no pressure, glide the tool over the product to lift the dissolved residue. If this causes any pain or discomfort, you are applying too much pressure. Not all products are the same, some will be removed with eased and others will not.


No refunds are possible due to the nature of the product. Gift cards valid for 12 months as of the date of issue.

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