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Doreen - Straight Scissors

Doreen - Straight Scissors

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Meet Doreen, our light straight scissor. Doreen has been handcrafted to British Standards with our unique titanium coating which ensures optimum hygiene.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our range of scissors are the quintessential tools for beauty professionals and hygiene-focused consumers alike. Each pair boasts hand-finished, ultra-sharp blades, ideal for precise nail cutting and effortless removal of undesired hairs. They are not just tools, but an embodiment of quality and precision, designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of the beauty industry.

Additional Information

In the interest of safety while using the Doreen Scissors, always ensure to cut away from your body, diligently avoiding fingers. If the scissors should fall, resist the urge to catch them. Instead, let them land and then pick them up. To optimise visibility, use the scissors in well-lit areas and to maintain their sharpness and safety, always return their protective caps after use.


No refunds are possible due to the nature of the product. Gift cards valid for 12 months as of the date of issue.

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