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Ethel - Straight Manicure Tool

Ethel - Straight Manicure Tool

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Meet Ethel, our straight bladed manicure multi-tool. Our fastest selling tool, Ethel is double ended and has a flat blade. She is handcrafted to British Standards with our unique titanium coating which ensures optimum hygiene.

Specially crafted for pre-manicure or pedicure nail preparation, our Ethel manicure tool is an essential instrument for all nail professionals. Equipped with a straight blade, Ethel expertly removes dead skin from the nail plate, leaving it perfectly prepped and clear for optimal product retention.

Ethel is for professional use only.

Additional Information

Distinct from a traditional pusher, our sharp Ethel tool calls for cautious handling. Hold your Ethel as you would a pencil, ensuring a light yet firm grip. Rest the tool's edge flat against the nail plate and gently glide it over, applying no pressure, to remove dead skin residue. Any discomfort indicates excessive pressure, which should be avoided.

Some nails may not generate dead skin residue; in such cases, remember not to increase pressure. Always ensure that the blades have impeccable, undamaged edges for safe usage. Damaged blades should not be used.


No refunds are possible due to the nature of the product. Gift cards valid for 12 months as of the date of issue.

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